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Разработка брендбука компании

A brand book, an official document that sets out the visual style standards for the company, is underlying the design of all products of each business. This important document should be developed in a very responsible manner so that the funds and efforts to develop a corporate image are not wasted.

Always part of your considerable the correct development of design and brand book, in particular, is to make sure that all employees especially product developers are involved in the preparation of the brand book. Take an example: if a decision on branding was taken without direct developers, then some serious errors could be encountered afterward, i.e. at the stage of project implementation.

“Mission”, “Values”, “Brand Target Audience Profile” should be mandatory components of the brand book. The brand book is also provided with guidance on brand identity a well as tips on the use of individual design elements. Corporate colors of the logo and typography are the mandatory attributes of a brand book since the future corporate and promotional materials will be drawn upon their base. By the way, the logo can be provided in several options, or only one depending on the intended use.

The design is inextricably linked to communication. Therefore we should realize what languages and what abbreviations a particular brand use, its types of construction of sentences, and the like. Formal, casual, technical or slang are of the most common types of communication.

The cost of a brand book varies and depends on the development goals as well as on the customer’s requirements.

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