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Как Создать Дизайн Упаковки

Product packaging development is an independent approach in the sphere of graphic design. The team of the most famous international design companies employs hundreds of experts engaged in the creation of unique, catchy, and sells packaging designs. It makes you wonder – why? The answer is obvious. The average supermarket presents more than 20,000 products each of which lies in the manufacturer’s interests and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We’ll share with you the three simple but the most important rules in creating the design of any package in this article following which you can well develop and promote your brand.

 Selling packaging from TSD

  1. Plain and simple

Marketers say that most buyers spend less than 4 seconds on a visual study of a product. Can you reply to two simple questions upon seeing the first random product on the shelf: what this product is intended for and name the brand?

Visiting a supermarket, we see a lot of packages overloaded with texts and images. For example, you may find a cleanser that looks more like fruit juice. So, the consumer sees attractive packaging but has no idea what its content is.

Rule 1: the consumer must assimilate the information about the manufacturer and the purpose of the product in the first sight of packing.

  1. True information

The designers and manufacturing customers being the newcomers often strive to showcase the best aspects and features of a product that don’t actually exist. For example, delicious strawberry slices, drawn on the package of yogurt, hide the real gruel inside inaccessible to see. That it is the purest form of deception.

It is in such cases that the question arises of the integrity of the manufacturer. After all, the consumer is not at all against budget products if only he probably knows what he is buying. Will a manufacturer offering ordinary products with an overly decorated image win? We really doubt it. But the brand’s reputation could get pretty bad because of such tricks.

Rule 2: to picture the product on the package is possible and indeed recommended but do not exaggerate too much the external features of the product.

 Packaging design in Kiev

  1. Usability and practicality

The main criteria of the third rule are shape, parameters, and functional properties of the package, not the appearance. Creating a package design, do not forget that it should be practical and usable. Many examples can be found where the rebranding of packaging focused on its convenience increased the company’s profit several times.

Rule 3: developing a design, always consider its packaging format not only the “picture”.

HEINZ ketchup packaging

In summary, it is worth noting that the packaging design is not just an attractive image or a sweet box. High-quality packaging is a powerful marketing tool using which you can reach business heights.