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, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

2016 has given us a number of interesting trends in packaging and label design based on simplicity and essentialism (focusing on the main thing). Some of last year’s trends have not lost their popularity today, but new design trends have emerged, which we will now talk about.

  1. Availability

Simulation of brands for premium quality goods is gradually fading. The struggle for the rational use of money and a reasonable cost of products is gaining momentum not only in Ukraine but also in other European countries. The design of the label in gold or silver remains relevant only for elite alcohol, other consumer goods seek to look more affordable.

Availability means not only the cost of the product, but also the message on the package. It must be clear and understandable so that communication between producer and consumer is established even more quickly and easily.

, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

  1. Environmental friendliness

Ecotrend caused a storm of positive emotions among customers last year, and in this – returned to us in a new improved format. Due to the emergence of a large number of “eco-brands”, the consumer doubted the naturalness of the products on the market and became more attentive. Now he not only notices images of plants, animals and craft material, but also reads the composition carefully. If you want to gain the status of an eco-brand and not lose the trust of buyers over time, you should take care of the naturalness not only of the packaging, but also of the product itself.

, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

  1. Conceptual design

Not so long ago, a bright and flashy packaging design was in trend. Today, all consumer attention is focused on thoughtfulness and restrained sophistication of the brand’s appearance. Simple but expressive fonts, geometric elements and simple composition – one of the most popular trends of 2017. Working with this trend is not so simple, so designers will have to fantasize to create something unique that will touch the strings of the consumer’s soul.

, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

  1. The complex packaging

More and more non-standard innovations are used in the creation of modern packaging: built-in dispensers, indicators, illustrative instructions, moving parts and much more. All this contributes to successful retail and makes the brand even more attractive in the eyes of the consumer.

, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

  1. Adaptive design

This trend is applied by active and successful companies, which often expand the range outside the first product category. The purpose of adaptive design is to create a basic design, easily transferring it to other shapes, sizes and packaging materials. Thus, brands that have already earned the respect of customers will be able to extend this effect to other products due to the popular packaging design.

, The main trends in packaging design in 2017

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