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дизайн самоклеящихся этикеток

Design can have a huge impact on a person and control his/her emotions and behavior. Do you think it’s mystic? No, it’s a scientific approach!

Have you ever wondered why people make spontaneous purchases? Why do they give preference to some brands and why don’t they pay attention to others? What is the secret to successful branding? The answer lies in the depths of the human subconscious mind.

Design and Neuromarketing

Design can dispose of a person to a brand or, conversely, alienate him/her, motivate a person to buy a product, or postpone it providing a complex impact on the mind.

Person’s sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell greatly influence his/her consumer sentiment. Perceiving information through all senses, a person subconsciously forms his/her idea of ​​the brand. In turn, it can push a person to take certain actions.

It is no accident that companies seeking to expand their business on market often use neuromarketing tools today. At the same time, great importance is attached not only to the visualization of the brand but also to the creation of a certain atmosphere using smells, sounds, taste, and tactile sensations.

Taking up a package of a product or a bottle of wine in a store, a person pays attention not only to their appearance. His/her subconscious mind captures lots of sensations, for example, the rough or the cool of the product’s surface, the music sounds in the store, and some smells and aromas. All impressions add up to a picture that pops up in the mind at a certain moment.

Marketing research confirms that buyers are attracted to the smell of fresh baked goods, coffee, expensive perfume, or frosty freshness. Energetic music usually stimulates action while slow music encourages customers to stay longer in the retail space. Tactile sensations in choosing a product stimulate the desire to buy a product. It is very important to take into account such details in a branding process.

wine label design

Increasing Profits Using Design 

Design involves not only the creation of an image but also the choice of materials and finishing methods. For example, the same label or business card can be glossy or matte, hard or soft, differ in surface relief, and even change color depending on temperature.

Today paper or plastic film for self-adhesive labels can imitate the texture of wood, velvet, or leather highlighting the premium level of the product. A label with a realistic effect of frost or water droplets on the surface of a bottle makes the desire to buy this drink as fast as possible and to quench the thirst. The wine label of a noble patina is associated with a tradition of quality and authenticity. The glossy and metallic finish of a label on the sports nutrition reminds the buyer of the glow of iron in the gym, strength, and energy boost after a good workout.

Today, the potentials of modern technologies are literally mind-boggling. And the design challenge is to make full use of them to attract an audience to the brand, and, therefore, to expand the sphere of influence of the business and increase its profitability.

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Branding and Design 

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