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Color plays a very important role in graphic design. The choice of color solution is influenced by many factors starting from personal designer preferences up to the global world’s issues.

Let’s monitor the relationship between the color of the packaging and labels and the situation in the world over the past decade.

Packaging and Label Color: Trends of the Past 

Every year, Pantone, the US color company, chooses a color of the year that sets the vector for the movement of world graphic design. The new color scheme gives inspiration and impetus to the development. At the same time, it is an indicator of the mood in society.

In that regard, let us recall 2009. The global market which had survived the financial crisis was as fragile as a delicate spring flower. The color of that year was called Mimosa. It gave hope and was widely used in graphic design. The warm palette had become a global trend in label and packaging design for food and industrial goods, advertising, and corporate identity.

Life went on, as usual. After the shocks the world economy occurred, there was gradual recovery and renewal. This renaissance was epitomized by turquoise, the color of 2010. Notably, that turquoise color means a protective talisman in many cultures. So it comes as no surprise that the turquoise range has defined the label and packaging design trends.

Packaging and label design

Color in Graphic Design: Trends and Innovations 

In 2011, the vibrant Honeysuckle color set the trend in graphic design. As conceived by the Pantone Institute, the new shade was intended to cheer up and to relieve stress accumulated in society over the past years.

Tangerine Tango, Emerald and Radiant Orchid, and Marsala became the leading colors over the next few years. They were not chosen by chance. These colors reflected the processes taking place in society. They have become symbols of innovation, creativity, vitality, confidence, and sustainable development. Graphic designers have actively used them in corporate identity development for companies. This palette has been used to create product labels and packaging for various products.

The palette of 2016 was determined by two colors for the first time – Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity, perfectly harmonized with each other. The combination of these colors symbolized the idea of ​​gender equality.

Label and Packaging Design: Eco-Friendliness and Energy

A “tangy yellow-green” shade called “Greenery” was announced as the color of the year for 2017. It symbolized the reconnection we seek with nature and the creation of a more comfortable environment for humans. People started thinking about health and maintaining an ecological balance. An interest in organic products and natural materials had appeared in people. All this was reflected in the design of the label and packaging.

Cosmic Ultra Violet color provided strategic direction for the world of trend and design in 2018. It symbolized the secrets of the Universe and new discoveries, the desire to pursue a world beyond our own, and the intrigue of what lies ahead. Ultra Violet is greatly blended with other tones. Therefore, the color that can inspire and influence has been widely used to design logos as well as in labels and packaging design.

Color of label and packaging

Order Label and Packaging Design in Kyiv 

Vibrant, yet mellow Living Coral became the main color of 2019. It was chosen in reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media which are increasingly embedding into daily reality. The warm shade energizes and provides buoyancy, and optimism that humanity is currently seeking. It is intended to add variety in our lives and to enable individuals’ connection and intimacy.

Nowadays, most people can’t imagine their life without the Internet or social networks. Using a computer or Smartphone, you can communicate and earn money, study, and receive various services.

You can order a label or packaging design and corporate identity development by using our website which is convenient and doesn’t take long.

You can calculate the financial cost-effectiveness of this project and make an order right now. For more detailed information, please contact our experts by phone or by using the website’s feedback service.

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