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брендинг и оригинальный дизайн

Successful branding and creating a good corporate identity is your best investment in the future. An original and non-trivial identity works even when you are relaxing. It attracts people’s attention, reminds you and motivates consumers to make decisions.

And for that to be true, corporate identity must set you apart from the competition. Don’t try to be perfect. Be different. Be the better.

Creating corporate identity and brand identity 

The design of the logo, the color of the business card and the font should make the right impression. Such that when they see them, a person thinks: “Yes, this brand is exactly what I need!”.

Proper design helps to identify the brand and build a trusting relationship with the consumer. How to develop your corporate identity? You can study the trends of graphic design and focus on the best examples of identity.

But don’t try to copy thoughtlessly. Even the most successful branding solutions in your case may not work. Be sure to bring something new, your own. Don’t be afraid to declare yourself. Play not by the rules. But play it right.

фирменный стиль разработка

Branding and design rules: how to break them without destroying them 

You can create a unique corporate identity using extraordinary color solutions. Add freshness and freedom to the corporate palette. Get away from the colors of competitors. Use unexpected combinations of tones that are not typical for your industry.

Use innovative graphics. Experiment with fonts. Corporate identity design should evoke emotions, emphasize your strengths, focus on priorities.

Graphic design – and creativity, and hard work. There are rules and certain standards here. Before you go beyond, you need to understand exactly where you can do it. Otherwise, there is a chance to get a weak and unprofessional result.

But extra caution in branding is also useless. Brand promotion is a constant competition and a risk of decisions made. Be a pioneer. After all, breaking the rules, you set your own. So, you become leaders.


TSD company – creating the best design for business 

Branding and corporate identity development requires time, effort and finance. The price for mistakes can be quite high. For the result to meet your expectations, entrust the creation of corporate identity to professionals.

TSD design studio will help you to carry out branding and rebranding, to create corporate style and a brand book of the company, to develop design of a logo and labels for your goods. We cooperate with both large companies and private entrepreneurs not only in Kyiv and Ukraine, but also around the world.

By contacting us, you can be sure of the result. Find out the cost of the project right now!