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Предметная фотосъемка

It’s scientifically proven that visual perception inputs more than 70 percent through the eyes. In fact, it is confirmed by the effectiveness of outdoor and teaser advertisements that contain not only text but also visual messages.

Internet marketers claim that properly images literally can sell any product. That is why high-quality photos on corporate websites, business card websites, and online stores, are another powerful tool that increases the number of orders for your service or product.

Today, we are going to share with you the information about how we manage to create selling photos, and what types of images you can order in our branding agency right now.

Photo Devices and Auxiliary Equipment

We use modern professional photographic equipment and optics made by the world-famous brands – Canon and Nikon.

Good lighting, of course, is an essential aspect of effective photography. To obtain high-quality images, our photographer takes into account and skillfully combines such lighting components as light sources, light intensity, the spectral composition of light, and other nuances thanks to which unusual and attractive artistic effects can be achieved.

Such special photo accessories as filters, lens hoods, reflectors, spot-attachments, gobo masks and holders, various backgrounds, and other photography props are no less important in creating high-quality images. Specific accessories allow you to create advertising photos of various types including catalog, advertising, and product photography.

, How does the TCD Design Studio Create Selling Photos?

Product and Catalog Photography

The main goal of product and catalog photography is to advertise certain products on e-commerce sites, online stores, paper, and electronic catalogs. Such images should display the benefits of the proposed product. Therefore they are often implemented against a white background that does not redirect the view of a potential buyer to unnecessary details.

Advertising Photography

The advertising photography format contains a certain plot and is staged. High-quality advertising photographs are a kind of visual cipher that penetrates into a person’s subconscious mind. Such an image creates in order to influence people and their choice. Therefore, it is often used in outdoor and magazine advertising as well as complementing the office interior with decent and selling images of the company’s goods.

You can review our portfolio in the creative “Photo Studio” section on the website. We invite you to check out photos which are already successfully promoting the business of lots of companies today, and to become the TCD Design Studio’s customers!