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как придумать название компании

Deciding on a business name for your company or brand seems the simplest thing to do at first glance. But it is not as easy as you think. It is tricky. Only a truly unique, interesting, and remarkable name that encompasses the business’ ethos can bring tangible value to your company or brand.

If you do decide to choose a suitably great name for your business yourself, check out the most effective tips to do it.

Tip No.1. Use Geographical Names

Such brands as Mirgorodska, Fugifilm, Nokia are linked by the fact that they are named after cities, villages, and even mountain peaks. If your product somehow relates to the place of its origin, don’t miss the opportunity to use the name of the region in the business name.


Naming from leading companies - NOKIA


Tip No.2. Name or Surname of the Founder

Siemens, Suzuki, and Honda are examples of successful brands named after their founders. In any case, no one can prevent you from taking as a basis your own name or, for example, the names of someone close or loved one. Essentially, a business name should be unique.

Tip No.3. Incongruous Combinations

Very often, combinations of ordinary words or misspelling of the word turn into successful names for companies. For example, Google, the world-famous name of the search engine, originates from a misspelling of the word “googol”.

Tip No.4. Myths and Legends

Explore the culture of ancient peoples based on ancient myths and legends. You can find not just beautiful names of heroes or phenomena but the most real naming masterpieces by learning the mysterious stories.

Tip No.5. Use Abbreviations

It’s no secret that LG is a combination of capital letters of two words, while HP is the first letters of the co-founders’ names – Hewlett and Packard. HP’s name was decided by a coin toss. Since Hewlett won the coin-toss, his name was the first while the second in the company naming was Packard.

Tip No.6. Inspired by Nature

Perhaps, you are a pet owner, or you have a favorite animal, plant, or even a natural phenomenon, use its name! Thanks to a quality product and a bold stroke, Puma, Jaguar, and Apple have succeeded at one time.


How to come up with the right name - Jaguar


Tip No.7.  Rhythm and Alliteration

The KitKat, Coca-Cola, and Tic Tac companies’ names were created on the principle of alliteration (the repetition of identical initial consonant sounds). Such words are easy-to-remember, and they often generate success to their creators.

When coming up with a name for your company or brand, have brainstorming sessions with your employees. Do not dwell on one name and cast about a more successful option assessing all the risks: incorrect associations, difficulty in pronunciation, and misunderstanding of the word by the target audience.

Keep in mind that your business name should not overlap with the names of other legal entities.

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