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Продвижение бренда

In order to give customers some information about the importance of business promoting on social networks, first, we want to share with you a fascinating story that happened in the 19th century.

Mykola Shustov, an entrepreneur, launched cognac manufacturing. It was quite difficult to promote a brand almost 200 years ago but the businessman mentioned did it. He paid money several dozens of students, they to attend local caterings and to order Shustov cognac. When they were informed about the lack of a drink, the young people became furious and started fighting. Various rumors about fights were spread among people as well as the news about it was even written in the local media. Soon everyone throughout the city had known about Shustov cognac.

The trend of social promotion is relevant to this day, and, as it seems to us, it will continue to be reliable forever. According to the statistical data, more than 90% of the World Wide Web users share their opinions on goods, companies, and services on social networks every day. This proves directly the above.

You obviously can promote your product or service using traditional techniques. That’s just the use of social networks has a much wider range of perks:

  1. Affordable price. Companies with the smallest advertising budget are able to find a way to promote their product on social networks.
  2. High accuracy of coverage of their target audience.
  3. Feedback. The customer can quickly give his feedback in social networks as well as you can respond in a timelier manner, in turn.
  4. The loyalty development to your brand or product. Advertising on social networks rarely looks intrusive, so the trust of potential customers forms much faster.
  5. Social networks remain outside the sphere of political or economic influence.

, How to promote your brand on social networks?

Creating a page for your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you provide vision and priorities making a positive image of your company among the target audience. Well, all this definitely may become a reality, that’s assuming the focus of an active optimization is your page. Here are some tips to get as many customers as possible on social networks:

  1. Create meetings, events, and regularly provide interesting and useful information to the brand community.
  2. Keep a corporate blog or video blog, and write guest posts on resources similar to your subject.
  3. Conduct interactive actions linking them to flash mobs, polls, games, etc.
  4. Expand your personal profile and the profiles of your colleagues. You can establish new business contacts in this way that have a positive effect on brand promotion.
  5. Collaborate with prominent persons such as bloggers.
  6. Use the potential of media and targeted advertising, or cooperate with the communities offered fee-paying posts.