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You surely dream that sales will increase 10 times higher. What can you do in this case? Try to write a text with a proper Call to Action!

No matter how informative, useful, or simply good your text is, it simply won’t work without the proper call to action. How can you write an effective and stimulating text to user’s purchase a product? We’ll cover this issue as we go through this article.

Tip №1. Define goals

First of all, you have to know what kind of reaction you expect from the user. Perhaps you hope he will leave his contacts or making a purchase, don’t you? In any case, choose only one goal. Otherwise, the potential buyer gets confused and does not take a single action.

, Tips from the experts: how do you create a proper Call to Action?

Tip №2. Forget about the long read

The title should fully reflect the essence of your proposal. That is why the words for the call to action should be especially selected.

Use stimulating verbs in the title and text alluding to the user that he is able to derive benefit from your proposal. Stop using verbs like “buy” or “order”! These words do not work just because they contain benefits for you not for the buyer.

Tip №3. Take care of the “packaging”

When creating a stimulating text, try constantly to refer to the reader. Make sure that he is pleased not only to read but also to look at your proposal.

Don’t remember to use the contrast buttons. It does not mean they should be bright or colored but those that can stand out against the background of other colors, for example, black on white, white on blue, etc.

, Tips from the experts: how do you create a proper Call to Action?

Tip №4. Do not overdo it with length of the text

The text calling for action should be short. Mind it! The most successful length for your text is up to 160 characters.

Pay attention to the size of the button. It should also look harmonious. Prefer medium-sized buttons with contrasting text on its background.

Tip №5. Text style.

Write in plain language using general conversation and avoiding professional language in order to don’t scare a user.

Tip №6. Use proven words and phrases.

There are several verbal formulas in marketing practice that contribute to the promotion of a business. Here are a few of them:

“Subscribe for our dispatch (mailing) and receive a gift to your order for free” (here is the phrase “for free”);

Are you tired of ineffective English lessons? Download the book “Learning English in a Short Time” and overcome the language barrier in 1 month! “(here are the words “are…tired”);

Do you want (Would you like) to get a modern bag? Add us to Facebook and take part in our prizewinning quiz! “(here are the phrases “do you want” or “would you like”);

“Why did Svyatoslav Vakarchuk choose our clothing brand?” (here is the name of a famous person is used indicating on his choosing your brand exactly);

“Svetlana has ordered a dress from our brand yesterday, and today she enjoys a spectacular new outfit” (create call to action based on real reviews from photo).

We hope that our tips for the proper call to action for higher sales will be effective for you!