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Этикетки и упаковка элитного алкоголя

Elite alcohol is a special field that holds a high bar both in the design of packaging and labels, and in the overall positioning of the product on the market. Manufacturers deliberately create a scarce situation when those who want to try an elite drink literally spend the night in tents under the door of a bar or restaurant. Deficit stimulates demand, but not only scarcity makes the product so desirable.

The big role in formation of a brand is played by registration of production, in particular – packing and a label. Manufacturers of so-called “limits” or a limited batch of goods especially like to do it. Usually a limited edition is issued by a company in connection with some significant event. It can be the day of the company itself, New Year’s or Christmas holidays and so on.

In addition to the “limited party”, timed to a specific event, thematic exclusive parties or entire collector’s editions can be issued.

Limited batches of goods – a favorite marketing move of beer producers who like to produce a limited edition for almost any occasion. Particular attention is paid to the events at the sports Olympus – limited series of beers are produced in connection with football championships, boxing tournaments and others.

But QingMing beer producers have taken a different path – they have developed a design that is associatively close to traditional Chinese art. The label has received considerable attention from buyers.

In the design of the package of ale  “End of History” used stuffed squirrels that died under the wheels of vehicles. A total of 11 such bottles were released, each of which has a certificate.

A striking example of exclusivity is the Clase Azul Ultra tequila bottles, each of which costs $ 2,000. In fact, these are not even bottles, but handmade ceramic decanters with gold labels of 24 carats, which are painted platinum. The series is also limited – a total of 100 such bottles have been released.

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