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Feel the joy of sweets! The festive design for cake packaging

– Happy birthday to you!

Susan stood surrounded by her friends. She didn’t even notice how she ended up with a bunch of colorful balloons aspiring into the sky and a smart box of cake in her hands. Susan took a look at the box and her face had an expression of joy. It was a moment of sheer pleasure and great happiness. A wonderful night out full of joy and excitement awaited her.

However, when the birthday party is over, the colorful balloons fly away to the land of wish-granting, happy guests go home, and there’s not a piece of cake left, only fun photos, wonderful memories, and a bright gift box will be a reminder of the delightful holiday.

Tomorrow’s a new day full of new events, challenges, and activities. But even an ordinary day can become a festive occasion. It is enough for this to shop for a cake in a beautiful & classy package and have a little party of your own!


Royal Sweet Bakery

About Customer:

A confectionery








To design a gift confectionery package (a cake box) for the US market.

Customer Requestа

The customer has requested to design elegant, classy, and attractive gift cake boxes.

Design Trends

Gift boxes are a separate art form. They cheer you up and give you a feeling of happiness. Packaging for confectionery products should absolutely evoke positive emotions.

Despite the fact that each product has its own peculiarities, we can identify common global trends in today’s design for gift confectionery boxes:

– Conceptuality, aimed to provide a stable associative link between the product and brand, differentiating them in a competitive environment.
– Genuineness (naturalness) and environmental friendliness.
– Versatility in relation to the target audience.


We aspired to design the cake boxes in order for them to provide a holistic impression, not to be overloaded with artistic details yet still look smart and festive. Such a festive vibe implemented in a cake box would be associated with the brand. Therefore, we came to the conclusion to design the packaging in a nostalgic style by means of delicate aquarelle colors and discreet decor using the Royal Sweet Bakery logo.


Our creative team has designed a series of confectionery boxes, featuring a light, harmonious, festive, and artistic design. The gift confectionery packages, designed in traditional style in several different versions, make a pleasant impression on customers and create an elated, festive mood.

Sell products in beautiful boxes & wraps. Order a custom attractive packaging design right now!

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