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Logo design for the DREAMATE company

Wherever you are, whoever you are, just know that you have a friend, a dream mate, who makes your dreams come true and with whom the game becomes more real. He’s fun and interesting, always full of ideas and energy. He’ll discover colorful universes for you, full of thousands of worlds, in each of which his name sounds: DREAMATE!




About Customer:

LLC DREAMATE is an ambitious young company in Ukraine, a computer game developer.






Logo design, Identity development


To design a company logo that matches the brand positioning. The logo design should not be pretentious and serious but on the contrary, be atmospheric, warm lamplight yet dynamic and exactly eye-catchy, evoking positive emotions. So that, someone from the guests of the Game DEV expo or a similar event will take a look at the brand stand & the logo and exclaim – “Oh! It’s absolutely epic! “))

Customer Requestа

The logo should be designed definitely not in a minimalist style. The interaction of multiple characters is possible. The logo must be full of fun and energy.

In the logo design, it is advisable to avoid using gradients, even if this is a trendy solution. In terms of style, it is better to limit yourself to 2-3 colors and a solid background. If there is an acute need, it can be added 1-2 halftones to the base colors.

The font should be stylized, correspond to the graphic part of the logo, and be readable, i.e. it should not be of a display face or severely extreme face (elongated or compressed) according to the anatomy of the typeface. It should be based on some kind of geometric grotesque.

The style of American propaganda posters is possible, and, vice versa, the style of anime or sports teams and clubs is undesirable

Design Trends

The logos of studios, companies, and corporations, engaged in the game development, are featured by a distinctive style, reflecting the specifics of the industry, the company’s worldview, the direction of activity, and the focus on its audience. The logo can be based on a symbol (Ubisoft), typography (Epic Games, Nintendo), attributes, a character, or an element of the game universe (Minecraft, Tango Gameworks).

The logo can be abstract, causing an associative link with the company, or it can directly reflect the name or the main elements of the corporate identity.

Logo design can be either laconic or detailed, graphic and artistic. However, every company strives to ensure that the user will experience a sense of identification, engagement, and interest in the product at the sight of the logo.


The ‘DREAMATE’, a company name, is based on the idea of ​​a ‘dream mate’, a member of the team that not only makes your job easier but makes life completely joyful, in general. It’s the person you’re most comfortable with, who you hang out with, have fun with, and play with. Therefore, a logo design should focus on positive emotions, success, warm lamplight, and set the drive and motion at the same time.



The TCD team designed a logo for LLC DREAMATE. The communication on the project passed through and ended on a positive note. The logo was accepted but unfortunately not implemented, since the customer’s request was transformed into the idea of creating characters as elements of corporate identity in the course of cooperation. But that’s a totally different story…


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