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Label design for TM Yatran MyasoLove sausages

What is the power of a brand? What makes it attractive to the buyers? What should a brand look like to be loved at first glance and forever?

It must be unique, conquer with its charisma and character, surprise and delight, build trust and lead, give choice and set trends, be simple, real, and our own.

This is the power of a brand, the power of the MyasoLove.


Yatran Meat-Packing Integrated Factory, JSC


About Customer:

The Yatran Company is one of the leading meat processing enterprises in the Ukrainian food industry.









Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Sausage labels


To design an authentic and eye-catchy series of labels for TM Yatran MyasoLove meat products.

Customer Request

The design should contribute to the successful promotion of products on the market, show off genuineness, be eye-catchy and attractive to the customer.

Design Trends

Several basic styles can be traced in the design of labels for sausages and deli meats: emphatically austere and rationalistic European style, luxurious and presentable Premium style, and creatively avant-garde Modern style. In addition, a popular topic is the use of folk stylistics to position a product as a natural product, manufactured due to traditional recipes and technology.


While working on new creative labels for TM Yatran MyasoLove, the main competitors in this niche, samples of designs on similar topics as well as color options for labels for sausages and meat products were studied.

To our mind we have made an extraordinary yet a very organic decision to use the image of a brutal meat hunter, a kind of Ukrainian Gerard Butler, in the design who will personify the brand, make it stronger, more friendly, clear, and memorable.

The “woody pad” of the label background, which evokes associations with the concept of products’ genuineness and eco-friendliness of their manufacturing is another designers’ idea.


The exclusive design of labels for the TM Yatran MyasoLove sausage has become a classic of a successful marketing solution. We’ve kept away from stereotypes and presented a new concept of a natural farm meat product, designing an expressive, trendy and eye-catching label using modern typography and a charismatic hero.

Sales Results

The designers of the TCD studio have managed to create an authentic brand image arousing consumer interest. Thanks to the unique design, the products of TM Yatran MyasoLove have firmly established themselves in the market, showing high sales dynamics.

Do you want to label your products with creatively designed labels? Then contact us immediately!

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