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Label Design for «Kapitanchiki» Sausage by Rybak Trademark

Dream and play but don’t forget to eat! Sea adventures are great fun for kids! Besides, ‘Kapitanchiki’ sausage is the best solution to have a little snack for young travelers.

What a wonderful day it was today! Irinka sat on Dad’s shoulders and thought she was the captain of the big ship. ‘Tiller to starboard, full speed ahead!’, – Irinka joyfully ordered, and her eyes glistened with pleasure.

Like most children, Irinka liked to play and didn’t like to do shopping at all. She used to get tired of wandering between the stalls, stopped, and waited long for Mom or Dad to check out the shelf and add products to the cart. At that moment Irinka used to get bored and fussy. Once she even managed to quietly disappear out of the parents’ sight and to get lost in the next department.

But now everything was different. Irinka did not feel lost in the world of adults. On the contrary, she fearlessly conquered the oceans, deftly avoided reefs, and moored in ports replenishing water and food supplies.

Now, there is nothing really to worry about. Irinka has got ‘Kaptainchiki’ sausage, delicious food for real sea adventurers, and a fun team of two sailors – a boy and a girl, and a honey-bunny the cabin boy!


Rybak Trademark


About Customer:

Ukrainian sausage and meat company-manufacturer that owned its retail chain.









Label, Sausage Label, Kids Labels


Label design for ‘Kaptainchiki’ sausage for children by creating an image that reflects the name of the product.

Customer Request

The design of the label should be attractive, ingenious, contain an image that reflects the name and intention of the product (‘Kaptainchiki’, sausage for children), have minimal color saturation, and match the ‘Meat Story’, a new brand’s corporate colors (red & white).

Design Trends

The label design of goods for children has its own specificities. It should be familiar with the child’s audience, colorful, illustrative, and designed with a playful plot. Children are open to the world, so design for babies should be as positive and kind as possible. At the same time, the adults are the buyers of this product category. This should be fully taken into account in designing a label, focusing on the benefits of the product and the brand.


Our goal is to create a unique illustration that should be interesting to both children and adults arousing warm sentiments in buyers. Children love to play, look at beautiful pictures, and dream. Therefore, when designing the labels for ‘Kaptainchiki’ sausage for children, the nautical theme, a boy and a girl, a little bunny, cute heroes of the story, should come first. We have to create a label with an interactive image looking at which one can come up with lots of funny stories.


The label for kids’ sausage is designed taking into account the interests of the target audience. The stylistic design reminds us of a drawing in watercolors. The plot adapted to the title and cute characters instantly evoke positive emotions.

The minimalist color scheme reflects the nautical theme as well as the brand’s corporate colors. The label design for ‘Kapitanchiki’ sausage by Rybak Trademark created by the TCD Design Studio makes a favorable impression upon customers attracting the kids’ attention and gaining the confidence of adult buyers.

Sales results


The new label design of Kapitanchiki sausage by Rybak Trademark caused considerable interest among consumers as well as boosted product sales by 67 percent. Happy and satisfied customers mention that “the label design is excellent and very cute”, and “the sausage packaging is convenient and perfectly designed”.

Adhere to the principle of ‘Children First’ and order the best design for kids right now!

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