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Design of a Series of Labels for Silver Food Trademark Seafood

Design of a Series of Labels for Silver Food Trademark Seafood

Irina used to love seafood. She preferred to eat seafood in any way it could be prepared – in salads and paella, in sushi and seafood cocktails. Visiting restaurants or cafes, Irina specifically requested a special menu with seafood dishes while at home she always had several packs of mussels, squid, rapana whelk, or seaweed.
Seafood was not just a fashion trend for Irina but a really useful, nutritious and tasty component of the diet, a natural source of iodine and a host of other vital microelements.
Having been frequently out of the country, Irina was amazed at the variety of seafood presented in local stores. And now she was happy to observe a wide range of seafood in domestic stores.
Visiting a supermarket today and looking at the showcase with seafood delicacies, she drew attention to presentable and very stylish cans. They differed sharply in their appearance and beautiful label from other canned products. Classy cans with their dark matte label, beautiful inscriptions printed in a strict silver font, and laconic colorful images of the product have been encouraging the customer to purchase.
Irina took one of the cans with interest. The label was of excellent design, very pleasant to the touch, and inspired confidence in a buyer. It was a series of seafood manufactured by Silver Food, the Ukrainian trademark: canned oil-boiled rapana whelk, smoked rapana whelk, Provencal-style rapana whelk, and several kinds of seaweed salad (Chuka Wakame).
Irina promptly shopped for several cans of seafood for herself and grabbed a few more packs as a gift to her friend. Although her friend was very gourmet about food, Irina had no doubt that she would definitely like such a gift.


Silver Food LLC

About Customer

Silver Food LLC is one of the leading food industry enterprises in Ukraine specializing in the processing of fish and seafood.






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Label design for a new line of seafood, i.e. 4 types of canned rapana whelk and 4 kinds of seaweed salad (Chuka Wakame).

Customer Request

Labels for seafood should capture customers’ attention, stand visually out on the shelves of the supermarket, contain pictures in keeping with the name of the product, and at the same time correspond to the style of the formerly designed packaging for the SilverFood Trademark’s salmon and silver carp fish.

Design Trends

Recently, we can observe several basic seafood packaging and label design trends corresponding to the marketing positioning of the product.
The first design trend lies in the presentation of the product as a premium delicacy, the second one is focused on the product’s health benefits. In the first case, the design should be based on presentability and sophistication, on playing up the travel subject, expensive restaurants, and a luxurious lifestyle.In the second case, we should focus on the presence of the eco-friendly components, useful minerals and elements in a product, its health benefits as well as the needs generation to include the product in the daily diet. The seafood exotic subject matter and its positioning as a new, interesting product on the market for the consumer is another trend in design.
Hence, the images or photos of both seafood and prepared meals, nautical paraphernalia, and characters displaying the pleasure of buying and consuming products can be used as exclusive design elements.


Getting started on the design, we have taken into account the non-standard shape of the can, in which the products enter the distribution network. The can is cylindrical and slightly higher than most cans on the market. The can lid is embellished with a wide golden rim. The original appearance of the can and lid sets an exclusive design tone.
Unfortunately, Ukraine is still lagging behind the European seafood market. Therefore, filling this niche with quality products is a major and initial task in which packaging design takes a key part since it determines the initial vector of familiarity of the consumer with the new product.
We aimed at presenting a new product line in a dignified manner, captured the attention of domestic buyers to it, and gained their trust with premium, modern design.
It was agreed to abandon photographic illustrations replacing them with minimalistic and expressive graphics. The premium design palette – a silver font on a black background, directly associated with the brand name, was our conceptual solution.


Our team has designed a series of labels for a new line of seafood. The sufficient laconic graphics of fonts and images, a trendy combination of silver text, and a matte black background are major features of the design.
In addition, the graphic design has been supplemented with printing effects, which significantly enhance the visual appeal of the labels and give their surfaces unique tactile properties.
As a result, we have got very beautiful, unique, trendy, and premium quality labels.

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