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Label and Packaging Design for the Anapea Village Line of Wine

The path of a winemaker from dreams to success does exist. But this path is hard, thorny, and requires many efforts. This is the path of heavy work, perseverance, challenges, and their overcomes starting from the deserted soil processing to fertile fields creating, from the first shoots growing to the grape harvesting and to the fine wine production.

When winemaking becomes a matter of your whole life, you start to realize that introducing real natural wine to the world is quite complex but at the same time a great and wonderful mission. Such a wine is not just a drink. This is an organic distillation of ancient culture, technology, and philosophy.

Nowadays, we have enthusiasts who recreate and support the ancient customs of Georgian wine production. They are the winemakers who create an eco-friendly micro-system from the ground up, produce wine from authentic grape varieties, mature it in Qvevri, unique earthenware vessels, and store it in Marani, the wine cellars.

Wine production is becoming a family business to the process of which even the youngest generation joins adopting the values ​​of diligence, responsibility, and the positive attitude to winemaking.


Anapea Village

About Customer:

Founded in 2013, Anapea Village is a family winery that is engaged in the production of high-quality natural wine.






Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Wine labels


To design labels for a product line including 9 types of wine and for collectible non-commercial types of wine.

Customer Request

Anapea Village wines are defined by their organic composition, high quality, excellent wine bouquet, and can compete with the best natural wines of Georgia, Italy, and France. Wine consumers specify that they are one of the most delicious wines they have ever tasted.

Label design for the bottles of wine should be unique, harmonious, reflecting the nature of the wine, the methods of its production as well as the philosophy of the family business. The look of the labels should increase the interest of distributors, potential importers and lead to wider market outlets.

Labels should be designed in the same style. It is advisable to avoid excessive design intensity as well as an approach aimed at a limited target audience, for example, they shouldn’t bring any particular modern or classic style, grotesque, etc, with them.

Design Trends

Label design for natural wine as a whole includes the use of natural colors and artistic elements associated with sustainability and traditional winemaking. For example, the label may contain images of landscapes, folk motives, and items related to the production of wine.


Anapea Village is a young family-run company focused on the production of natural wine using authentic Georgian technologies. Our designers tried to fully reflect the individuality of this unique project and to highlight the particular features of wine.

We focused on openness and naturalness, not dynamism and intense in the label design, giving special emphasis to genuineness, stability, exclusivity, and adherence to tradition.

At the same time, it was essential to give the labels a trendy and attractive look in order to promote the wine products both in the domestic and foreign markets.


The TCD Company’s specialists have designed labels and packaging for the Anapea Village line of wine that consists of Mtsvivana, Saperavi, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Kisi, and Rkatsiteli grape varieties exclusively originated from the Sagarejo and Kvareli regions (Georgia) as well as for collectible wine.

We have comprehensively approached the design of labels providing a complete visual solution that will ensure the most favorable perception of the product by distributors and consumers.

Laconic white labels are featured with a brand logo, printed in red, while a heat shrink capsule on the bottleneck of the same red color visually builds links with two bottle parts. Such a solution looks stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and is steeped with meaning. Red and white are the national colors of Georgia and the design composition exemplifies the Georgian flag as a whole.

Harmoniously combined in color and composition, the labels differ from each other in a thematic pattern. You may easily identify each of the wines of this line visually. Each image is another story narrating wine connoisseur and gourmet on routine and values of the Anapea Village, the family winery.

Our design ideas lead to your brand recognition. Order a selling label design right now!

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