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Label design for the Kalyna Trademark sausages and wieners

The commonplace is the fact that the products are chosen and bought thanks to their quality and the energy that the manufacturers have put into their manufacturing. We usually buy those products that are most likely to our taste or where our heart lies. Nowadays, it is very easy to get lost in the diversity that surrounds us. But lucky for us, there are guidelines that help us to make the right decision. And the label is one of the main triggers.

Label design can tell a lot about a product. It is quite conspicuous when the manufacturer tries to sell a product while disrespecting the buyer. But if every detail of the design points to the manufacturer’s care and respect to the consumer as well as his responsibility for the product choice, the value of the brand in the buyer’s mind increases significantly.


Selianske (Fermerske) Hospodarstvo Kalyna

About Customer:

The customer is engaged in the growing, production, processing, and sale of agricultural products as well as the raising of pigs and manufacturing of meat products. The company owns the sausage manufactory and the retail chain of grocery stores.






Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Food labels, Sausage labels


Label series design for Kalyna Trademark sausages and wieners

Customer request

The customer requested to design a series of competitive labels for Kalyna Trademark sausages in order to present favorably the company’s meat products in the Ukrainian market. The labels should look attractive and build confidence in consumers.

Design Trends

Several relevant trends can be identified in the design of labels for sausages, frankfurters, and wieners:

  • Strict and restrained design associates with quality standards;
  • Luxuriously designed labels highlights the premium quality of products;
  • Avant-garde style declares openness to innovation;
  • Elements of national identity represent the peculiarities of local manufacturing or the recipe authenticity.

The design can be supplemented with printing effects that enhance the visual and tactile appeal of the labels.


We aimed to design labels that would look modern and trendy, positively impress consumers, and typify the brand as accurately as possible.

It was agreed to focus on a laconic decoration using trendy black background color and graphic illustration depicting deli meats. The brand personality (identity) and the company reliability that successfully operates on the market for over 40 years were underlined on the label by such elements as the logo and the icon depicted a year of the company’s foundation.

The respective style allowed us to design unique labels for the Kalyna Trademark sausages and wieners plainly combining them into one series.


Our team completed the task in the right way. Label design for the Kalyna Trademark sausages and wieners provided by the TCD experts met all the customer’s expectations.

Be modern, trendy and come up with the best product. Order your design at the TCD Design Studio!

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