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Tomato Canning Jar Labels Design for Rosichi Trademark

Pavlo’s family hadn’t a tradition of annual vegetables canning for the winter. When they wanted something spicy to eat, someone went shopping and bought some pickles. The choice of pickled and canned products was diverse at the store and they might purchase almost everything they wished on any taste and budget.

For once, the family desire was to taste canned tomatoes. But there’s a problem. Recently, they got bored of the customary canned vegetables. As for the rest ones, the canning jars looked bad and lacked credibility. The family wanted to try something new, after all.

Surprisingly but today Pavlo wasn’t lost in thought about what canned tomatoes to buy. The jars with bright, vivid labels stood out on the shelf among the wide variety of pickles. He looked at the label and read the brand logo and the inscription: “Rosichi Trademark”.”A paradise for your taste buds”.

The jars of tomatoes captured Pavlo’s attention immediately. The label design was rather laconic but very expressive and beckoning. “They really look great”, – a man thought. “I’m buying them now!”


Rosichi Trademark (Triumph Agro LLC)


About Customer:

Ukrainian brand









Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Food labels, Canned food labels


Label design for canned food.

Customer Request

Our customer needs skillful label design shaping positive brand perception as well as conducting to promote Rosichi TM products on the market. The tomato canning jar labels should capture the customers’ attention and encourage them to purchase this particular product.

Design Trends

The design of labels for canned fruits and vegetables, as a rule, contains images of delicious and tasty vegetables or fruits that are in jars, the logo of the manufacturer or brand as well as the mandatory information for the consumer. Artistic elements that stress taste, naturalness and cleanness, useful nutrients, GMOs-free, recipe peculiarities, and other benefits of the product are possible to use in label design.


The vegetable canning jar labels are the primary means of canned product labeling and identification. Therefore, label design plays a critical role in the marketing of this product.

Our goal is to design an attractive label in order for the products to stand out from the competitors. As a result, the color scheme of the label design is perfectly combined with red tomatoes in a jar while the contrasting background draws customers’ attention. The design is quite versatile and can easily be adapted to other types of products.

The designers have focused on the central part of the label. The brand logo and the slogan are put in the center of the label composition. The national ornaments on the tinted box and fonts in the Slavic style create a complete picture of a quality product manufactured by the national brand.


We have designed labels for vegetable canning jars manufactured by Rosichi Trademark intended for the retail network that fully comply with the customer request and generate consumer interest in this product.

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