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Label Design for the Pan Kovbasko Trademark Sausages

– Wow, here’s a new sausage! – Sophia exclaimed delightedly, helping her mother to empty a grocery bag.

– Right you are, honey! Let’s try it out! – Tetyana smiled. – It looks so good. I saw this sausage on the shelf and chose to buy it. I liked it very much at first sight. The other sausages seemed not quite so attractive and that one was obvious. It looks delicious, well-made, and branded.

– Pan Kov-bas-ko! – Sofiyka read aloud the name of the trademark on the label and joyfully clapped her little hands. – The Pan Kovbasko sausage! The Pan Kovbasko sausage!

Tetyana looked at her daughter with a smile.

– I also saw the frankfurters of the same manufacturer at the store. Next time I will definitely shop for them to try. Well, daughter, what do you think?

– Yes, Mommy, it’s a good idea!


Pan Kovbasko Trademark

About Customer:

The official supplier of meat and sausage delicacies produced by more than 30 Ukrainian companies and the manufacturer of the products under its own trademark.






Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Sausage labels


Designing labels for several types of the Pan Kovbasko Trademark sausages and frankfurters.

Customer request

To design labels for the Pan Kovbasko Trademark sausages and frankfurters in order for the company to introduce products the best way to the consumer and to promote the brand on the market.

The design of labels must be impressive enough to tempt a buyer in picking up the products of this brand and to urge the consumer to purchase these products without a doubt.

Design Trends

The Ukrainian sausage market is rather diverse and saturated with meat delicacies. Therefore, it is quite important to singularize the brand by use of the design in order to show its benefits and to attract buyers.

The label design for sausages, frankfurters and wieners has its own features and trends. Therefore, the modern approach to the label design is aimed at studying current trends in design, consumer preferences, the elaborating of the most suitable concept, and its professional implementation.


When designing labels for the Pan Kovbasko Trademark sausages, our team decided to avoid stereotypes, found in the positioning of domestic products. We focused not on authenticity (landscapes, elements of national symbols) but on the high level of a Ukrainian brand with a colorful name.

Our objective was to make a bright, attractive, and memorable design to urge the consumer to buy the product and to try this delicious sausage immediately.

It was agreed to show all the benefits of the original product i.e. its real appearance and to display the images of the sausages on the labels. We made use of the photographer services in our photo studio who took the professional, exclusive high-quality pictures. Now, you can see these beautiful images on the labels for the Pan Kovbasko Trademark sausages.


We’ve designed the expressive, trendy, branded labels in the European style.

The corporate colors and visual accent on the logo in the central part of the label contribute to instant recognition evoking strong associations with the brand.

The strict and clear font is designed to read the brand name from a distance and to identify the product unmistakably.

Market your brand beautifully. Order a marketing label design right now.

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