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Logo redesign and packaging design. TM Standard Coffee

The energy of victory! Enemy must be defeated in all fronts. Powerful weapons, invincible will – the very you need during the wartime. Strong tracks for tanks and strong dugouts, strong friendship, strong word. Strong coffee. Coffee made according to our Ukrainian Standard. Nicely roasted, tasty, invigorating and refreshing. Сoffee that causes an explosion of sensations, rich and dynamic, like picture on the packaging.


Standard Coffee

Client overview:

Patriots in love with coffee and Ukraine. Blend, roast, pour their heart, treat, and increase energy. Together to victory!




2021, 2022 


Labels, Food labels, Coffee packaging, Logos

Client’s request

Quickly and efficiently update the logo of the roastery, make it more expressive and create a modern design for the coffee packaging of TM Standard Coffee, taking into account a wide range of proprietary blends.

Design trends

The new Ukrainian design 2022 is a unique mixture of patriotism and global trends. It is inspired and battlelike, reacts instantly to events and moods, reflects current trends and leads to actions.


The task was complex, as it was decided to include the updated logo in the coffee packaging design as an integral attribute of the brand.

The creation of coffee packaging was complicated by the fact that there are quite a lot of varieties and types of TM Standard Coffee products, and it was necessary to urgently develop a universal design that would, on the one hand, brand the products, and on the other hand, demonstrate its diverse assortment.

In the design, it was necessary to take into account that the customer went beyond wholesale and corporate orders, and began to position himself at various points of sale in the horeca segment. The label for coffee beans had to be stylish and presentable to become an interior decoration of a coffee shop decorated with coffee bags, and the product itself could be chosen by consumers as a gift.

Redesign of the logo consisted in giving it a complete form without losing dynamism. The main element of the coffee logo was a distinctive character – a bearded barista, an expert in roasting coffee beans. The goal of the designers was to make this image more charismatic, so that it is remembered at first sight and strongly associated with the brand.


The work was successfully completed, we developed a stylish, modern, expressive packaging design for world-class coffee. Moreover, thanks to the professional work of the TCD design studio, a brilliant marketing strategy for the development of the new brand appeared. The customer was very satisfied with the result.

But the war began, and it made its adjustments. Life and consciousness have changed. A clear understanding of what real wartime Ukrainian coffee should look like, what message the packaging design should convey, was formed. And the image on the logo acquired a new meaning. This is a brother, a volunteer, an entrepreneur, a patriot, a person who concentrates his efforts for the sake of victory and supports his people in any way. It was decided to update the design of the coffee packaging to make it stronger, more relevant, more soulful and friendly, which was done by our specialists.

The project was created at a high professional level. Shapes and lines can be reproduced on any material without loss of legibility.

Charge your brand with the strong energy of victory. Order your logo redesign and packaging design right now.

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