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Премиум дизайн этикетки для колбасы

Sausages are the most popular and marketable product. A sausage sandwich is traditionally considered a universal snack. A festive table always includes sliced ​​sausage and a chef’s salad with sausage. As for the children, they adore sweet sausages.

Marketing research shows that personal taste habits, sausage prices, brand credibility, product appearance, and label design are the main factors that influence the consumer choice.


Packaging and Label Design


Sausage Market of Ukraine: Packaging and Label Design

The sausage market in Ukraine is quite developed and segmented. Boiled sausages, wieners, and sausages account for almost 70% of the market share, semi-smoked sausages represent about 17%, and dry-cured sausages and uncooked smoked sausages take about 10%.

A great majority of consumers prefer the products of domestic manufacturers considering them tastier, of high quality, and affordable at price. Therefore, the import share of sausages in the Ukrainian market is only 1%.

Popular Styles in Sausage Label Design

Another feature of the Ukrainian sausage market is the limited variety of products. For example, saveloy and salami are produced by lots of manufacturers. Therefore, it is quite difficult visually to identify similar products of various brands without a label.

Sausage packaging and label design provides manufacturers to stand out from competitors, to attract their customers, and to boost sales.

Popular Styles in Sausage Label Design

Label Design 2020: Three Popular Styles in Sausage Label Design

There are currently three distinct trends in sausage label design:
Sausage label design in European style. It’s quite a restrained and rational, and classic design. It is focused on typography. The fonts are used to highlight the product name and brand name. The background of the label is most often light or dim, and may contain calm geometric patterns such as stripes and wavy lines.

Sausage Label and Packaging Design Trends

2.Self-adhesive sausage label design in Premium style. It differs in a markedly expensive appearance, contains gold or silver elements, embossing, serif fonts, backgrounds of floral designs or images, and demonstrates elite product positioning.

Sausage Label and Packaging Design Trends

3. Sausage label design in Modern style. It provides laconic, creative, and avant-garde features. Such unique labels become prominent among consumers immediately. This design style is appropriate for promoting new sausage recipes and positioning the brand as being in keeping the times.

Sausage Label and Packaging Design Trends

Sausage Label and Packaging Design Trends for 2020

The visual impression of a self-adhesive label or packaging design for sausages during its manufacturing in printing can be enhanced by some tactile effects, i.e. imitations of various materials, textures, creation of a tangible relief, etc. Therefore, professional label designing always takes into account the possibilities of printing technologies.

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