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создание бренда

What is the primary driving force of consumption? You think these are the needs, don’t you? It’s not just that. The driving force of consumption lies in the brand. It lies in consumer trust and brand recognition, in interest and emotions that the brand evokes.

There is a gap between consumer needs and their satisfaction. A branding agency is to bridge the gap between the consumer side and your product or service.

The quality and reliability of this ‘bridge’ depend mainly on the professionalism of the agency. As for the look, it depends on the design studio. The ‘bridge’ should be built in such a way that the consumer can set foot on it without any hesitation, move along it quickly, and reach the goal safely.

A branding agency creates the face of the brand, that is, it forms a stable image of a company, product, and service in the mind of a consumer. The design studio visualizes this image making it close and clear to the consumer.


design studio

Branding Agency vs. Design Studio

The branding agency helps the brand in building a market entry strategy as well as its successful development. The branding agency tasks include the correct positioning of a company, product, or service based on a study of the market situation and a clear sense of business direction.

A branding agency should professionally, quickly, and efficiently solve such issues as name-creating of a company, a trademark, or a website as well as a memorable brand’s tagline or a slogan, designing the creative logo and corporate symbols, building a brand identity from the ground up, creating a branding strategy, presenting and promoting a brand on offline and online platforms, planning a rebranding established businesses timeline, etc.

Branding is a complex process, and design is one of its essential components.

The scope of the design studio includes logo and symbol design, corporate identity and brand book development, product catalogs creation, label and packaging design, advertising banners and printing products design as well as the design of websites and pages in social networks.

Formerly known as a design studio, our company today has evolved into a modern branding agency providing the full range of services.


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Branding Services & Price in Kyiv

The TСD Company is a leading branding agency that does its activities for all spheres of business and collaborates with Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Our projects include:

– Complex branding, for example, “Ferma Market” Trademark (Ukraine) and 10X NUTRITION (Hungary);

– Building an identity and creating a strategy to promote brands in the markets of the USA, China, Georgia, and EU;

– Successful projects of rebranding and redesign of trademarks that have been possible to revive consumer interest in the brands and to substantially boost sales.

Our customers rely on us to provide for their projects and trust us. The majority of our customers become our permanent partners.

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