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дизайн для детей тренды

The kids’ world is full of games and fantasies, joyful emotions, and bright colors. It is carefree and happy-go-lucky, unlike the adult world. Therefore, the design of children’s packaging and labels for children’s products contrasts with the design for adults, youth, and teenagers.

Packaging Design for Kids: Rules and Trends

It is not enough to be only a designer to create products for children. The designer must also be an all-round creative personality, a marketer in order to understand the needs of the market, a psychologist to understand the behavioral motives of children and parents, and, of course, the designer must keep abreast of novelties, trends, and tendencies in packaging and label design for children’s goods.

One of the latest designs of the TCD Design Studio was the design of a series of labels for Kapitanchiki sausage manufactured by Rybak Trademark and the design for a series of labels for a baby soft foam by Elect Trademark.

e, it was a challenge for us since we had to design a creative label that could make both kids and their parents happy. Well, we did it!

Today we share with you our vision of what the children’s packaging should look like.


Design for children

Some Preferences for the Kids Design that Make It Great

Colorful. It must be of pleasant color combinations and pure, pastel, and gentle colors without faded tones, or, conversely, of bright color but flashy in no way.

Clear and Simple. It should be clear when looking at the packaging: this is a product only for children!

Positive. Such a design evokes warm feelings in children and is firmly associated with safety and quality in adults which means that it significantly increases the chances of a purchase.

Interactive. The heroes of favorite fairy tales and popular cartoons, lovely animals are a direct reference to fun and play on the package. Such a packaging interacts with the kids and turns the package into a funny object making kids laugh and play.


Packaging design for kids


Kids can’t read but they gladly look at pictures. Use fancy fonts for titles, slogans, and artistic placement of inscription.

At the same time, all necessary information about the product must be clear and legible on the label or package. After all, goods for children are bought by adults, and they are very responsible for their choice realizing that not only the mood, appetite but also the health of their child depends on the products.

There’s one more major rule. Take the design for kids very seriously and recognize that children are quite sensitive to the slightest falsehood. Keep in mind that bad and ill-conceived design can definitely affect sales despite the product is great.

Therefore, packaging design for kids should be created by high-level experts.

Would you like to order great packaging or label designs for children’s products? Feel free to contact the TCD Design Studio!