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Energy. Impulse. Rhythm. Power Concentration. Reserves Recovery. Goal Achievement. Keep Fit. Lifestyle. 10X NUTRITION.

Marina had a busy day today. Her fatigue had been active, and the desire of joining a gym after work faded by the minute. Marina checked out her backpack. Did she actually take everything with her? She saw a gym club pass, a tracksuit, sneakers, a towel, a bottle of water, and a 10X NUTRITION vitamins bottle in a backpack.

The expressive label of the vitamins bottle reminded her of the wonderful feeling that had come out after training when stress just melted away while the muscular tonus, joy, and enthusiasm remained. Looking at the label, she was also reminded of Oleg, her personal coach. A picture of his strong veins when he did push-ups, and quick, almost elusive movements in sparring flashed in her head.

It was Oleg who advised Marina 10X NUTRITION vitamins, saying that when he was searching for sports nutrition for himself, he had chosen this brand. Marina was immediately captivated by the solid label design. Color dynamics, a play of contrasts, and powerful typography fitted the style of her world perception, and the desire to achieve something more.

She was fond of fitness. She was in love with Oleg. And she actually liked 10X NUTRITION.

Marina zipped up her backpack and vigorously moved for training.




About Customer:

Fitness Factor, a sports nutrition store network, a sports nutrition distributor of the Hungarian brand in Ukraine. The company owners have run this business for 26 years promoting the culture of fitness.









Trademark, naming, logo, label, design of a line of labels (25 pcs), visualization


Design of a line of labels for sports nutrition.

Customer Request

Label design should be versatile targeting both male and female audiences. The appearance of the product should be associated with European origin.

Design Trends

Graphic solutions using crystal lattices, molecular structures, etc., were quite recently in trend. Nowadays, trends in the design of vitamins and design as a whole are focused on a healthy lifestyle, genuine products, and their eco-friendliness. At the same time, graphic motives can be more aggressive and dynamic.


Sharp geometric shapes, harmoniously combined with typography, as well as vibrant gradients, being still in trend, are taken as a basis. Since the line is presented in a black container, the purple-pink, the chosen gradient, satisfies the customer’s request and draws the attention of the target audience. Bold dynamic fonts with hints of serifs highlight the motives of power and energy.


When creating naming and logo options, the customers have chosen the “10X” option which ideologically reflects a tenfold increase in power and energy.
A sporty font has been especially used for the logo which combines sharp and smooth lines symbolizing strength and flexibility.
Each naming in the line is accented with a color scheme that is associatively close to the type of product. For example, Omega 3 is in orange color while Ca, Mg, Zn vitamins are in green color, etc.

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