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, Why Does The Small Business Stay Small?

Every entrepreneur strives for financial success. This is the main goal of any business. How can a small business survive and grow in a crisis? What needs to be done to capture the market and to receive decent profit? How to bring a new company to the desired income level as fast as possible? This post is written to help you stay on top of what’s important for your business in a crisis. So, if this is of interest to you, please read on.

A business owner can be compared to the ship’s captain on the high seas: there is either a storm or a calm, there is no land in the way. Reaching the goal depends on the skill and personal qualities of the captain and the ship’s status. Your option is to manage your business so that it gets and moves on track.

Brand Naming: A to Z Guide to Create the Brand Name

The name shapes destiny, as they say. The name of the company, brand, or product is of great importance. It can sound solid and expressive, encourage respect on a level and be instantly memorable. In fact, brand naming depends on lots of factors such as the business area the company is engaged in, its activity, and, of course, the owner’s priorities and preferences.

For example, legal companies often have the names of their founders, for instance, “Petrenko, Sidorov and Partners”. Security agencies use the names of animals of prey, birds, or natural phenomena – “Irbis”, “Griffin”, or “Tornado”. Health care companies usually use Latin terms and endings in brand naming. This is a trend, not a rule.

The brand name is carefully selected on a case-by-case basis especially if the business is public, the entry of foreign market is planned, or a trademark, domain, etc. registration is required. Anyway, when naming the company or brand, pick a unique coined name. Although there are sly ones that deliberately ape the names of well-known brands using phonetic or descriptive coincidence in their own names in order to be quickly promoted on the market.

Naming and branding is a responsible and rather difficult stage. Not every entrepreneur is capable of coping with it successfully. That’s why it is recommended to entrust the development of a name for a business on a turnkey basis to the branding agency’s experts.

Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Corporate Identity and Logo Design at a Reasonable Cost

Can any business successfully exist without a logo and corporate identity? Of course, it does if you want to stay only inside the small business or seek to avoid publicity. Most likely, the grandmother who sells vegetables in the underpass doesn’t need a logo. But if you want to expand your reach, you should address this issue seriously and responsibly.

A logo is a symbol of your business. Corporate style is an expression of its individuality, charisma, and an efficient way to organize company employees into a team.

Perhaps your company already has a logo and corporate identity. Ask yourself if your expectations have been fully met or if your logo and corporate identity are relevant now or it’s time for a change. Logo design and corporate identity have the potential to jump-start the movement in the market. But sometimes, cardinal changes of the identity are required in order to give a new breath of life to the business.

A design studio or a branding agency can assist you in designing a recognizable and expressive logo that personifies the values ​​of your company, in choosing the relevant corporate colors, in building the identity elements for all areas of application from a business card and work uniform to a store or office interior.

Label and Packaging

If you are a manufacturer, focus initially on the presentable and attractive look of your future output. Lots of small entrepreneurs proceed from the principle “I will invest when I earn money”. Of course, this pragmatic approach makes sense. However, there is an aspect that should be considered: there is a direct link between label or packaging design and sales as well as profit margins.

The more attractive the label look is and the more confidence it inspires in the target audience, the better people shop for products. You have to admit, alcoholic beverages, food, cosmetics, and detergents, having dubious labels, look like products of suspicious origin.

The more solvent the consumer is, the pickier he is about the product quality. The label shapes the perception of the product. The situation is similar in the economy segment: people won’t waste their hard-earned money on a product with a poor, ugly, and confusing label. The label can be inexpensive but must be made professionally. Therefore, we strongly recommend you address the design studio to design a label or package for your product.

Branding Solutions for Business

The TCD Design Studio: Branding Solutions for Your Business

By contacting the TCD branding agency, you are able to order a full range of services for your business. Our company carries out the following services such as:

– Brand naming design for company, trademark, and product;

– Logo design, corporate identity, and brand book development using created identity elements;

– Company corporate identity development and implementation;

– Labels/packaging as well as product or service catalog design and redesign.

Our customers confirm that the design and redesign of the label and packaging, corporate identity, and logo, provided by the TCD Design Studio, have contributed to higher and extensive growth of product sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out prices for corporate identity development as well as logo design for a company in Kyiv. We offer favorable prices for small businesses. A high-quality result is guaranteed. We are open to cooperation with both Ukrainian and foreign customers.

Develop your business moving forward and looking for new ways and solutions. Only those who are able to adapt rapidly to realities and turn them to their advantages survive during a time of crisis. Feel free to order naming services, logo design, and corporate identity development on a turnkey basis right now. Waiting for your orders!