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, Where to order quality stew labels: design and printing


Stew is currently the most demanded product. After all, tasty and nutritious, ready-to-eat canned meat for long-term storage is a strategic resource in wartime. From the first days of the war, volunteers, private entrepreneurs and food industry enterprises joined the production of stew on a large scale.

Patriotic stew labels

And immediately there has emerged the tendency to decorate cans of stew with patriotic labels not only to indicate the product composition, but to raise the mood and fighting spirit of Ukrainians in difficult times. Self-made, hand-drawn or printed stickers were often stuck on the homemade stew made by volunteers. Like the stew itself, they were made with care and soul.


Stew labels

Patriotic stew labels. Reference


However, it is clear that such paper labels are not durable, and there is no guarantee that they will reach the destination in a good condition. Especially if it’s stew for the military or for humanitarian support of temporarily displaced persons.

Why you need a new label design for stew

Of course, businessmen involved in stew production for sale ordered labels from printing houses. Even then, it is not a guarantee of high quality. That is why you can still see stew cans on store shelves with faded, peeled off or torn labels.

Clearly that this affects the sales rate. Although the stew itself does not lose its consumer qualities and remains the same usable, few people want to buy a can with damaged labels at today’s high prices. Especially if there is a stew nearby with a more attractive appearance.


Stew labels


In general, the stew market looks quite primitive. There is a significant amount of goods with labels, the design of which has not changed almost since the time of the post-Soviet shortage. And then store stew was, as a rule, of very low quality. Therefore, even now stew with such labels causes appropriate associations, although the product itself may be good.

Price for stew labels

Another trend can be noticed here. Some manufacturers draw a flag on the old label without hesitation and believe that they have done everything that is needed. But to be honest, it’s a poor idea. And such a “reincarnation” is difficult even to call redesign. The label does not become more competitive and attractive. Such “savings” will be a loss, because a miser pays twice, as a rule.

Price of the label is very insignificant compared to the cost of stew. By skimping on label design and printing, entrepreneurs lose the profit they could make by offering consumers a good product. It’s hardly practical, is it?

Stew labels

Stew labels. Reference Internet


Order design and printing of stew labels (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Dear entrepreneurs, the time is now for change. Remember that while some make mistakes, others make profits. We are here to help you adapt to the changing market as quickly as possible and move your business forward.

Contact us and you will receive attractive and high-quality stew labels with a modern design that really sells.

In addition, we offer a full range of services, which includes the printing of self-adhesive labels on stew at the printing production of our partners, the Green Trade company. The labels have a very attractive appearance and excellent operational properties, they do not peel off from the can during transportation and long-term storage, they withstand condensation, temperature and humidity changes.

We have considerable successful experience of such projects, our stew labels are ordered by entrepreneurs and volunteers from all over Ukraine. And always satisfied with the result. More information in our Portfolio.


Stew labels

Stew labels. Design:TSD design studio. Printing: Green Trade company


To order stew labels, fill out the form

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