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, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

In the second half of 2022, new trends in the design of Ukrainian labels and packaging were clearly defined. Trying to survive in the storm of war, the business began to adapt to new conditions. For many manufacturers, the label and packaging has become not only a means of marking and promoting the product, but an expression of their own worldview, resistance to the aggressor, and support for the struggle of the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian label and packaging: design trends 2022

Aesthetics of wartime packaging and labels has undergone dramatic changes. The Ukrainian design trends of 2022 are the following:

1. Military theme

Pixel, khaki colors, images of weapons, warriors, battle events, military elements and emblems, morale-boosting sayings.

, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

The design of the label for the stew for the military – developed by the TSD studio


, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Design of boxes for “Glory to Ukraine!” sweets. Source: Internet

2. Patriotism.

National colors, images of the flag, trident, patriotic slogans (courage, struggle, unity).

, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Patriotic labels. Source: Internet

3. Ethnic features

Elements of folk style, Ukrainian ornaments and motifs symbolizing Ukraine, for example, images of viburnum, sunflower, cossacks, characters in folk clothes, flower crowns, etc.

, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Cake box design. Source: Internet

4. De-moscowization

Absolute refusal of any remnants of the soviet union and everything that can be associated with russia: naming, language, images, colors. More details

New sausage labels. Source:

5. Ad hoc (situational) approac

Reflection in the design of relevant, high-profile events (russian warship, Boris Johnson’s visit to Ukraine, bayraktars, Chornobayivka). More about ad hoc design

, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Label design for kvass. Source: Internet


, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Anchovies “Bayraktarchiki”. Development of the design of labels for anchovies – TSD design studio

6. Brutality

Texts and illustrations that express the entire range of hate and contempt for the enemy.

, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Gorilka label design. Source: Internet


дизайн етикетки ковбаса смерть москалям

Sausage label design. Source: Internet

7. Humor

Sometimes good, sometimes evil. Cartoon images, memes, apt words.

Ale label design. Source: Internet

8. Ukrainian fonts

Using authentic and creating new purely Ukrainian fonts.

Monofontis font. Source

9. Adaptation to global trends

During the war Ukrainian society quickly integrated into the European space. These are not only guns on the battlefield, but also modern designs on the shelves of supermarkets.


, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packagingVodka Zelenska labels. Source: Internet

As a rule, these trends intertwine and complement each other, forming modern Ukrainian design.


, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Ukrainian label design 2022. Source: Internet

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs react very quickly to all changes in society. They are closer to customers, understand people’s moods, strive to show their products from the best side, distinguish them on the market with the help of an original label.


, Ukrainian design trends 2022: label and packaging

Design of bottle and label for liquid soap – development of TSD studio
Minimalistic design using monochrome Ukrainian ornament

Large enterprises are not so mobile, because they have a longer chain of coordination of decisions. But acting prudently, they usually involve professional design studios in the creation of the label.


пиво чернигівське пляшка дизайн

Design of a bottle of “Chernihivske” beer. Source


Today, on the shelves of supermarkets, shops and markets you can see products with high-quality, beautiful labels, which can be called real masterpieces of new Ukrainian design. At the same time, there is a mass of mediocre and frankly low-level labels.

Seeking changes in the label design, the businessmen often face the problem of misunderstanding how to implement it. They often lack a professional approach, expert advice on product design, and sometimes even just information on where to order label and packaging design.

The TCD design studio will help you create a decent label and packaging design. You can see our portfolio here.

To order a label design, fill out the form

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