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, Winemaker’s Bible – Original Catalogue

Do you believe in what you are doing? In the business you currently operate, invest energy, resources and from which you expect a decent return. So show it in such a way to make the other people believe, lead the people, create the cult of your wine. And your winemaker’s catalog will help you with that.

What is the winemaker’s catalogue and why you need it

The main tasks of the catalogue of the wine-making company:

  • attract the attention of a potential dealer,
  • visualize the benefits of products,
  • demonstrate the product range,
  • create usability.


Winery catalogue design

Winemaker’s catalog. Source

What should be the catalogue:

  • Impressive. Your catalogue should be noticeable among the other ones and stuck in the memory.
  • Information-rich. The winery catalogue should contain basic information about the wines offered and the manufacturer itself including photos, descriptions, contacts.
  • Convincing. The catalogue is designed to gain trust in the brand and products, which will result in the active interest of the target audience and your interaction.

Winery catalogue design

Wine Company Catalogue Design Trends

  • text readability and modern fonts
  • corporate identity and structured presentation of information
  • high-quality visual: photos of bottles in the same style, modern illustrative photos (vineyards, production, team)
  • semantic content: values, history, legend
  • gastronomic recommendations for wines
  • structuring the presentation of information about wine: name, year, features
  • icons, footnotes

The ideal catalogue goes beyond the bottles. It is an effective sales tool. The best catalogues form an active need among the target audience and stimulate demand for products due to images and texts.

Winery catalogue design

Winery catalogue. Source

Where and how to order a wine catalogue

Dear wine producers! If you want the perfect catalogue – contact the TCD design studio.

After conducting a marketing and design audit of your company’s catalogue, we will create a new catalog from scratch or radically raise the level of the existing one.

We offer the following approaches:

  1. “Repair”

Fixing errors in the existing catalogue:

  • correction of photos
  • finalizing the composition
  • adaptation according to all the canons of modern layout
  • adding pages with new wines, new label lines.

This is a fast implementation, minimal budget option that improves the quality of the catalogue while maintaining the familiar style, and therefore recognition.

  1. “Reconstruction”

Making significant changes to the existing catalogue while maintaining a common style. We add avant-garde, form a new perception of existing spaces.

  • bringing the photos to a single style
  • changing the fonts, making it more readable, familiar to the European user
  • editing the texts, adding translation into the selected language (German, French by choice)
  • performing the modern layout
  • adding the pages (new sections, new photos, which will give the booklet a characteristic color, individuality, not similarity with competitors, exclude “imitation”)

This is the best option for investing time and money, the result of which is synchronization with active marketing.

  1. “Newbuilding”

Creating a completely new, modern catalogue designed for a thoughtful introduction of wine to domestic and foreign markets (EU, Asia, the USA and other countries). This is the most promising marketing option including the following:

  • development of catalogue strategy – as a selling tool for 3-5 years in foreign markets
  • creation of individual storytelling style, propose how to link the booklet with other marketing tools (WEB/Digital)
  • offer a choice of several options for presenting in different styles
  • carrying out a photo session
  • offer slogans for 2-3 markets
  • writing new texts, adapt the translation into 2-3 languages taking into account slang features

This is the most effective catalogue design option and requires the most time and investment. The design/presentation style of the booklet will be up-to-date for a long time.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that when a new catalogue is launched, it may be perceived as an absolutely new product by dealers already familiar with the winemaker’s products. Recognition and continuity with the original version of the catalogue may be reduced significantly or completely lost. But this applies more to the developed market and has nothing to do with new countries.

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