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день клиента

International Client’s Day is a great option to reflect on how to further enhance the cooperation between you and your customers. What do the client’s desires, needs, and requirements mean to you? What do you do if the client doesn’t like the design? How far would you go trying to please a customer, and is it worth doing? What are more important customer requests, consumer tastes, or the designers’ vision? Well, let’s discuss.

new label design for TORTILLA

Make a Step Forward: When the Client Is Satisfied

Of course, the design studios (and we are no exception) face difficulties in communicating with clients when working on projects. The options proposed can be categorically rejected, and each of the parties is sure they are right. An uncompromising stance like “I know better than you” can lead to unexpected results, both failure and success. Should it be worth pursuing your point of view?

No one can escape mistakes. There are lots of examples of failed branding ideas in the history of the world’s largest companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Gillette, Xerox, and many others. However, there are even more exclusive, innovative, and at the same time mega-successful and stunning design ideas in it. It is important to reach a mutual understanding with the client and work in one direction towards success.

The TCD Company has implemented many projects thanks to which our customers have expanded the consumer audience, boosted interest in the brand, and received tangible profits. This is proven by real sales indicators. For example, the new label design for TORTILLA Trademark has boosted sales of the brand products by 30% while the label redesign of Kapitanchiki sausage by Rybak Trademark has boosted product sales by 67 %.

label redesign of Kapitanchiki sausage

Business Approach and Creativity: Striking a Balance

Let’s be honest, design studios and branding agencies are created to generate income. Their main purpose is to fulfill customer requests in order to derive the maximum benefit in financial terms. When the project is successful and the customer is satisfied, the design studio, due to the high reputation in its area, has got an extra bonus as a permanent partnership and an expanding client base. Therefore, the customer comes first, you know.

At the same time, design affects people’s tastes and needs. Interesting and unique projects set up trends, bring recognition and popularity, and generally contribute to the progressive movement of design.

Therefore, it is very important for each designer to avoid routine, always move forward, be in search, and generate his own ideas. Improve your professional skills. Feel free to offer your client brilliant and incredible ideas he’s never thought he would, to pitch the creative and innovative concepts that give a stunning effect as a result and are really able to shoot the market.