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, Useful Tips about Finding the Best Angle in Your Food Photography

Food is not just satiety. This is the enjoyment of your favorite dishes and the discovery of new flavors. This is a culture where the visual presentation is as important as the ingredients and the skill of the chef.

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Food Photography

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How to Photograph Food: Why Angle is So Important?

Well, how do you take beautiful food photos in order to get really vivid, magically attractive, trendy, and aesthetic images? One of the main secrets of successful food photography is the right angle.

Frankly speaking, it is the angle of the shot that shapes the attitude towards the food in the photo. The angle allows you to play up the serving and presentation of dishes, to focus on particular ingredients and decor features.

The angle of photography allows you to see the whole picture and enjoy the details. Exuding expressive food photos spark interest, awaken desire, and make the heart beat faster.

In fact, this is a foolproof way to manipulate the preferences of the target audience, which every photographer, marketer, and businessman would like to master perfectly. And we will instruct you in this way.

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The Advices of the Professionals in Finding the Angle in Food Photography

As you know, food photography means the subject photo shooting of food. Actually, this is a process of working with small-sized objects, i.e. food with/without packaging, cooked meals, dishes and utensils, and decorative elements, supplementing the composition. This can be a studio photo shooting or on-site photography at the customer’s location, for example, at a restaurant.

In any way, all items are located in an area that does not exceed the size of the dining table. Therefore, it is possible to provide the desired angle even by using a conventional tripod. By the way, our advice may be useful to those who want to know how to take food photos on an iPhone or any other Smartphone.

the professional angles for food photography

The angles of 90, 45, 10, and 0 degrees are considered the professional angles for food photography. Recently, the low-angle shot, the so-called hero view (hero shot), has become a popular trend.

Let’s review the specifics of each angle.

  • 0-10 Degrees Eye-Level Angle View. It is the best way to reveal the side of objects, which are extended upwards. This is a great angle to use when photographing high objects, e.g. wine glasses, bottles, layered cakes, stacks of coffee or crisps.
  • 45 Degree Angle Side View. This is a go-to angle for almost any dish shooting. This is the most popular way to shoot restaurant meals. It allows you to clearly show the side and top of the object and also hides the imperfect presentation of the food on the plate.
  • 90 Degree or Overhead Angle View. It’s a great option for photographing flat objects: pizza, pies, etc. This angle also reveals the serving of gourmet cuisine in all its glory. It is used to show the delicious details of the whole composition, to stress symmetry, or to arrange more than three plates in the photo.
  • Hero Angle View. The object seems to dominate the frame when shooting food by this method. This angle is used as an artistic trick that gives objects a grand, “heroic” look. We would describe it as the child’s view of the festive table.

food photography

Debriefing: Mistakes in Food Photography

The camera angle mismatch is the most common of fails. The choice of angle is not a dogma but a recommendation based on the experience. However, trends in food photography may change over time. In this case, artistic flair and the photographer’s skills come to the fore here.

But nevertheless, if we are talking about the overhead degree angle, then we mean 90 degrees, not 80 or 100. The angle error blurs the picture and leads to an imperfect result.

Cutting off the edge of a plate, product, or package in the photo is one more mistake in food photography. Keep in mind that when framing a photo, the eye should strive for the center of the photo, a place where the most delicious part of the dish is located.

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