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Comprehensive design for TM Candle Market (candles, packaging, manual of instructions)

Comprehensive design for TM Candle Market (candles, packaging, manual of instructions)

Marishka was impressed by that day from early morning and felt absolutely happy. She was in for some surprises from the moment she awoke. The first she saw was a multicolored box under her pillow. It was a gift from her mother. This time it was neither a toy nor a box of candies but a brightly decorated set for creativity.

Marishka dreamed of such a gift from the very moment she saw the set in the store. What could be more interesting than making a beautiful candle handly! The little girl came to be captivated by this idea when she looked at the colorful photo on the package and read the accompanying text.

And now her dream has come true. Having received the coveted gift, Marishka was a little worried that she would not be able to cope with the task. But she was guided by a simple and clear manual of instructions with images and a detailed description of candle making. The work was easy enough and as a result, the girl made an amazing candle handly, which she had dreamed of before. It was great.


ТМ Candle Market

About Customer:

Being a developer of a unique technology for natural (unrefined) beeswax production and one of the leaders in this industry, the Candle Market Company offers buyers a wide range of candles of its own manufacturing as well as raw materials and sets for creativity.






Packaging, Product Design, Catalogs, and Flyers


Initially, the customer approached us with a request to design packages for candle-making sets. In the process of cooperation, several additional significant requirements have been determined, such as a new design of candles and illustrated manual of instructions for candle making. Thus, we have been challenged with a comprehensive and multidimensional task.

Customer Requestа

Recently, decorative handmade candles have become an incredibly popular subject with people. Therefore, it is a great idea to present a unique trending product on the market that meets consumers’ requests.

Candle-making sets are an excellent way to fulfill the need for creative work as well as a great way to popularize the brand and products of the company.

At the same time, it is essential to design the product in accordance with fashion trends and present it in order to cause consumer interest.

Design Trends

Packaging design for sets for creativity, as a rule, combines an attractive appearance and content that allows you to determine the purpose, complexity of work, and the final result at a glance. That’s why photos or images of the finished product, components, and the making process are usually used as illustrations.

The style of packaging design depends on the age category of users and the positioning of the product. Designs can be fun, playful, or highly technical. The packaging often includes short introductory text and tips. As a rule, detailed manuals of instructions are placed in the box, the development of which is usually a separate task.


By redefining the concept of visual presentation, the TCD team of professionals decided to make it as colorful, modern, current, and informative as possible. A tremendous amount of work was carried out to study, prepare and effectively implement the task.

Our experts have proposed new, exclusive candle designs to expand the range of sets and increase interest in the brand.

We offered to include real photos of the items in the packaging design illustrating their beauty and uniqueness. By conducting professional shooting in the TCD photo studio, we received unique subject photos of candles, which became the basis of illustrative, eye-catching material.

Our team focused special attention on designing texts on the packaging and the creation of manuals of instructions for candle making because this is exactly the aspect that shapes the quality of brand credibility.


The bright and attractive packaging design for sets for the creativity of TM Candle Market, created by the TCD team, welcomes people to plunge into the world of creativity. Our qualified experts have carried out ambitious complex work in this project starting from recommendations on the shape of candles and photoshoots in order to get high-quality illustrations up to the full development of the text and information part of the box design and instructions.

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