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Tvoya Oliya Brand Development (Logo, Labels)

Tvoya Oliya Brand Development (Logo, Labels)

We’re going intergalactic!
It’s never happened before. Authenticity and innovation create a new dimension of beauty. The blue gulf of space opens up its expanses. Space trucks in the corporate colors rush to new galaxies.
Constellations and planets fly by with brilliant lights. The Milky Way is covered with sunflower colors. Liquid gold fills the Universe while sunlight is reflected in every drop.
Yeah, that’s the one. It’s a cosmic one. It’s a Ukrainian one. It’s ours. It’s Tvoya Oliya.


«Tvoya Oliya»

About Customer:

Vegetable oil production and sale






Labels, Self-adhesive labels, Food labels, Logos, Brand


Visual branding, logo, and labels design for the Tvoya Oliya Trademark sunflower oil.

Customer Request

To provide a comprehensive and competitive design to market the brand.

Design Trends

The key feature of the sunflower oil label design is a vibrant sunflower flower contrasting with the main background. Most often the labels are made in the folk style using national colors.


When designing, the trends in the Ukrainian market of sunflower oil, the main players of which were such popular brands as Como, Oleina, Stozhary, Chumak, and Shchedryi Dar Trademarks, were taken into account.
We consciously sought to avoid stylistics repeating in an effort to provide customers with our own unique yet recognizable and easy-to-understand vision of the corporate identity.
We agreed to keep the traditional design and national colors combination adding our own compositional elements and focusing on the font graphics in the logo.


The TCD Studio specialists have developed branding elements and designed labels for the Tvoya Oliya Trademark products.
The Old Slavonic font style and a specially created image of the letter “O” resembling a golden drop of oil are the main features of the new logo. This unique lettering looks great in the brand name written both in Cyrillic and Latin letters.
Congratulations on the birth of the new identity of the Ukrainian brand.

Discover new dimensions of the brand. Order custom logo and label design, or brand identity development right now!

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