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Fertilizer Label Design for RPE LEAF FORTE LLC

Maria loved her small orchard. She tended the orchard sacrificing much of her time and effort to it, and was very fond of each sprout of her plants, took care, raised, and fed plants cherishing them like small children.

She was very picky and meticulous about the choice of fertilizers because she believed that the harvest would be good and without harmful nitrates by using organic fertilizer.

Every shopping time she looked at the labels on the fertilizer containers carefully examining them. And for once she bought fertilizers produced by RPE LEAF FORTE LLC since she absolutely trusted the packaging. The labels looked trendy, stylish, and of high quality. It was obvious that the products were made by a reputed brand that uphold the reputation of a responsible and reliable manufacturer with a scientific approach.

When Maria found out that her neighbor, a farmer, also used these organic products, a woman was glad she made the right choice.




About Customer:

Production and sale of humic acid fertilizers, micro and macrofertilizers, and biofungicides.









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Fertilizer Label Series Design

Customer Request

The customer requested to design a series of labels for different types of fertilizers for containers in various dimensions (more than 40 types). The design of labels should look trendy, be highly competitive, attract customers’ attention in retail stores, and highlight the benefits of products.

Design Trends

Fertilizer label designs often include the names or symbols of the minerals and trace elements composed in fertilizers as well as images of plants or fruits that illustrate the beneficial impacts of agricultural products on growth and yield.


RPE LEAF FORTE LLC, our customer, has been developing and manufacturing unique fertilizers over the years. The company’s products are certified. The company has repeatedly won in the sectoral contests.

Consequently, it seems all the more appropriate to adopt a new approach to RPE LEAF FORTE LLC products, i.e. to refresh the label design and to make it more trendy and modern, retaining brand awareness at the same time.

By analyzing market trends and the preferences of the target audience, we decided to design the labels in the style corresponding to this segment, adding vividness, color and focusing on the benefits of the products.


We have designed a series of labels for the RPE LEAF FORTE LLC product adapted to various dimensions and types of packaging – bottles, cans, bags, etc.

The labels are designed in the same style but differ in semantic details depending on the type of fertilizer which allows the customers to check out the necessary plant care product at a glance.

The realistic images of juicy vegetables and fruits and healthy, strong seedlings on the label are complemented by clear and legible information text.

A large brand logo, the images of the company’s awards as well as a well readable product name on the label subconsciously build trust and credibility with the customers.

The customer has no doubt that he/she is dealing with high-quality fertilizers when looking at the label. Overall, the design looks attractive and makes a very good impression.

The creative and trendy design highlights the brand benefits. We have exciting design solutions for you. Order some new label designs for your products!

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