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Saperavi Reserve Qvevri Wine Label

Wine is an amazing drink that combines the energy of nature and the skill of winemakers. It fills us with vitality, gives wings of freedom to our body and soul. Wine is a mood enhancer and stimulant as well as intensifies the senses. The world gets a little brighter and the music of the universe sounds louder as you get every wine sip.

Favorite wine is like an old friend who speaks with you in the same language, who is predictable, familiar, and consistent. While a bottle of new wine is full of secrets: you look closely at the bottle in anticipation of pleasure, glancing over the label and reading the wine name. Someone chooses wine based on his mind or logic, another one uses his heart or taste preferences. Sometimes, a person makes his choice out of it in a heartbeat by looking at a bottle in front of him.

In any case, experience, discernment, trust, and interest are behind every person’s choice. Sometimes a beautiful font, unusual image, or color combination on a wine label can ignite a spark of desire. We have combined our knowledge, sensations, and skills to design labels that will surely make you do the right choice in wine.


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An exclusive label design for wine produced for sale on the global wine market

Customer Request

The customer requested to design a series of labels for a new wine of the Lionidzis Zvari brand the wine production of which soon will be introduced at the China market as well as at Poland and other European countries’ market. Labels should be universal, intuitive, and attractive for a multinational consumer while counter-labels should be designed for each specific country.

The wine is positioned as a quality product made in Georgia and focused on the cultural and educated part of society. Therefore, the design of the label should look superior, reflect the premium quality of the product as well as conform to national Georgian traditions.

Design Trends

When designing a wine label for export, it is recommended to conduct marketing research aimed at determining the preferences of the target audience and the presence of design trends popular in the consumer country. At the same time, one should take into account the desire of the manufacturer to retain the brand authenticity in order to put it that way motivating the buyer to shop for a new wine.


After discussing with the customer the details of the assignment, we came to the conclusion that the label design should be realized in a grave, strict, classic, and even conservative way. At the same time, it is advisable to fully show the brand benefits, i.e. a combination of both old technologies, high-quality products, and an innovative approach to business.

We have combined a laconic modern style with elements that personify Georgian winemaking: the image of a Qvevri vessel and the recognizable inscription made by the Georgian letters. The asymmetric composition, the use of contrasting colors (black, red, white, and gold) and distinctive fonts enliven the design and make it a dynamic one.


The graphic minimalism complemented by printing effects is the conceptual feature of the label design.

We designed a unique, expressive, very classy wine label that both fully satisfied the customer’s expectations and got the highest grade of a professional jury of Ukrainian Label-2020. The label design of the TCD Design Studio became a winner of a prestigious All-Ukrainian contest in the best packaging and label nomination.

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