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«Ferma Market» Trademark Branding

For a month now, the Petrenko family has been discussing the new “Ferma Market” store opened next to their house. Every time Olena, a mother, comes back from it with purchases, and passionately talks about how beautiful there is: the store is designed in a modern way, in one uniform style and pleasant colors.

“If you come in the store, you don’t want to go out. I’d buy whatever’s in there! And there is such a wonderful atmosphere there, natural and eco-friendliness one”,- she said. Bogdana, her little daughter with the eyes shining, was helping a mother to unpack purchases from kraft brand bags. She has adored this store because it is so wonderful as if it comes from some fairy tale or a movie.

“Right you are. They’re good fellows”, – Vitaly, a Dad, supported the mother’s view. “They have started their business right away. They have developed their own corporate identity and designed indoor and outdoor of a store in this style. So, they do not need any extra advertising now. Everyone sees that the store is deemed credible. ”

Vasil, the eldest son, was listening to his father and recalling the beautiful shop assistants in smart uniforms which suited them perfectly. And even a Granny, who always used to buy meat at the farmer market since she considered that the stores sold products with chemicals and GMOs, was approvingly nodding. Absolutely, the products with the Ferma Market logo were really tasty and of high quality.


«Ferma Market» Trademark


About Customer:

The startup, a store of farm meat and other organic foods.









Logo, Trademark, Corporate identity, Naming, Clothing design for staff, Merch, Entrance group elements


To build a new brand of farm foods stores.

Customer Request

The brand should fully shape the image of home-processed farm production, and be associated with a quality product free of chemical impurities.

Design Trends

Farm product manufacturers’ logos often include images of animals, trees, fruits, vegetables, or colorful characters. The palette uses either natural colors or emphatically bright shades in order to attract customer’s attention.


In modern Ukrainian supermarkets, it is not so easy to find a meat manufacturer capable of meeting the needs of the buyer who really cares about the quality of the product. Our goal is to highlight the benefits of the brand by developing a corporate identity and logo that typify the farm origin of the product.

Having proposed several logo options for consideration, we have chosen the one that is the most appropriate in our view. The stylized image is memorable at first sight, looks recognizable and trendy. You can see an image of natural scenery with fields and a sunrise on the logo. The lines and colors of the image are associated with the meat veins.

The logo uses a pink color which is associated with the color of fresh meat and subconsciously causes an appetite. The deep purple color of the ground, almost black, highlights the organic of a brand.

The focus on authenticity is reached by using modern serif fonts hinting at Old Church Slavonic typography.


The TCD Company’s team of experts has completed a full range of branding and visual design of a new trademark from naming to corporate identity.

We have designed clothes for staff that meet modern requirements and style.

The kraft bags with corporate symbols highlight the genuineness and eco-friendliness of the brand.

A special pattern that perfectly matches the logo has been created for printing and textile developments.

Taking into account the identity and brand positioning, it is recommended to use genuine materials such as wood and metal for interior solutions.

A guideline on the use of the developed design has been created.

To be a standout success is to take one step from the beginning. Do it together with the TCD Branding Agency! Make an order a logo design, corporate identity development, and brand book creation

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