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Logo and wine label design for Bekauri Trademark

Nana always loved, when guests came around. She cooked the most delicious treats and was fondly picking up wine for them. Today there was a bottle of wine with an elegant label on the table. Nana glanced at it again.

The wine label looked quite laconic and noble. It was as pure as mountain air, shining like a sunbeam, luxurious like the taste of a divine drink. A pearlescent background, strict font, elegant gold stamping gave the label on the wine bottle an expressive, trendy and expensive appearance.

The solid and eloquent logo of the manufacturer personified the generosity of Georgian nature and the age-old traditions of winemakers, supported by Bekauri, the young family winery.

Nana was overcome by a great feeling of pride. Living abroad, she never forgot her roots for a second. And Nana was endlessly pleased that the fine wine of her native Georgia was well represented on the European market.




About Customer:

Wine startup – producer in Georgia’s Kakheti region. A family-run company that has set up a business in 2019 and now is ready to offer its products to wine connoisseurs.









Brand development, Designing of Labels, Wine labels and Logo, Branding


To design a new brand of Georgian wine based on the surname of the owners of Bekauri.

Customer Request

To design labels for a line of wines adhering to the main idea and style: to display the richness of Georgian traditions in the brand; to use the name of the owners in the logo; to use national symbols and ornaments. The future products will be positioned in the European markets, so the design should be special, memorable, and made in a classic style at the same time.

Design Trends

The positioning of small Georgian wine producers is aimed to show its identity and to highlight origins. The main focus is on brand self-identification. When designing labels for small wineries it is always significant not to be led by distributors who depersonalize the individuality of the brand creator.


The area where the winery is located is surrounded by mountains, rivers and picturesque valleys. Accordingly, it is agreed to display these images in the brand identity, so that they should be easy for both human perception and label manufacturing. At the same time, the river flowing from the letter “B” should be the center of the logo plot.


There have been designed a series of labels for the customer’s white and red wines, namely Saperavi, Kisi, Rkatsiteli. The chosen main serif font highlights classic and strict design. Well-chosen printing effects – hot gold foil stamping on wine paper – give the label a premium appearance.

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