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Wine label design for Vaziani–CN Trademark

Wine label design for Vaziani–CN Trademark

Wine is like music. It has its own distinct notes and its own unique sound. The soul responds to fine wine as it does to a song.

Saperavi Red Dry Wine is thick, astringent, and viscous like a languid jazz tune. There is nothing superfluous, just music, dim lights, the shine of a saxophone, and savoring with both a wonderful moment of life and each sip of wine.

Pirosmani Red Semi-Dry is a rich bouquet of flavors, having the aroma and taste of black cherries, prunes & currants. This is a real symphony of gustatory sensations, evoking delightful feelings that make you realize that life is really beautiful.



About Customer:

This is a Georgian wine company, a producer of high-quality original wines.






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To design labels for Georgian wines, namely, for Saperavi Red Dry Wine and Pirosmani Red Semi-Dry Wine.

Customer Request

The label design should be consistent with the status of quality wine, be attractive, remarkable & creative, and capture the customers’ attention.

Design Trends

A contemporary wine label should look luxurious, have either a decent and respectable appearance, or a definitely modernistic one. Whenever working on a new project, our designers brainstorm many options, choosing the one that will hit the mark.

The specificity of the labeled products is that their appearance is determined both by the image itself and by the printing technologies applied & the label material selected for printing. A genuine label is a combination of visual and tactile effects that work for results.


We have designed wine labels taking into account the product features as well as the brand’s marketing strategy.

Our ambitious task has been aimed to design high-quality wine labels in a modern style, which should look distinctive, expressive, strict & minimalistic in form, and be filled with a frenetic energy that prompts the customer to shop for this wine.

This idea has been embodied in the unique design concept, based on the “Wine is like music” association. After all, if architecture is considered to be frozen music, then the wine is living music. Jazz motifs, evoking romantic feelings and creating a special vibe of enjoying pleasant moments of life, have become the dominant feature of the label design.

The black and white piano keys and the metallic gleam of the saxophone fascinate and make you look at familiar things in a new way. Consequently, the wine label, designed in this way, has become a unique, memorable, and popular marker for the brand.


The creative idea has been realized in a stylish minimalistic black and white label design for Saperavi and Pirosmani wines, complemented by such printing effects as screen varnish printing and Silk Foil technology.

As a result, the customer has got classy, unique, and gorgeous labels that look exquisite and expensive, positioning Georgian wine with dignity.

So, are you thinking of designing a creative label too? Then, feel free to contact us!

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